Ceramic Kaolin Clay Powder Suppliers and Manufacturer

Ceramic Kaolin Clay Powder Suppliers and Manufacturer

Ceramic kaolin clay PowEPTSuppliers and company

Kaolin is a sort of kaolinite mineral clay and clay rock that has excellent plasticity and fire resistance. ZheEPTng EPT supplies calcined kaolin and washing kaolin, with very good good quality and rather competitive cost. EXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sting solution specs: kaolin 325 mesh, kaolin 800 mesh, kaolin 1250 mesh, kaolin 4000 mesh. Commonly provides ceramics, rubber, paint coatings, paper, coating, chemical EPT and other EPT.

Kaolin Qualities:

1. Large refractoriness.

two. Physicochemical balance.

3. Bulk density large .

four. Lower porosity.

5. Low drinking water absorption.

6. Fully calcined

seven. Lower impurity material.

8. White or nearly white.

Kaolin Actual physical index


Index assortment



Particle measurement(-2 mum,%)

81 plusmn3

regular grain measurement ( mum)

.nine plusmn0.1

Display screen residue(325mesh,%)


oil absorption(g/100g)

62.five plusmn2.five



bulk density (kg/L)




Kaolin Chemical composition


Kaolin clay




forty four-forty six















Calcined Kaolin Collection

Beneath calcined kaolin created by coal XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.e and aluminous rocks. Right after the calcined modified, they are large brightness and excellent chemical stability, can be widely employed in paint and coating, papermaking, rubber, plastic, cable, ceramics and other fields.
Features: Pure and high brightness, good grain and lower screen residue, decentralized and well covering functionality and floating, not straightforward to precipitate. They can change lithopone and partly of EPTium dioXiHu (West Lake) Dis.de to lower the product expense.

Kaolin Application
one) Paper- making Industry: It is mostly applied in the coating paper, artwork paper, white board paper, corrugated paper, coating white board paper Solid coated paper and so on . It is more relevant in gravure printing for its good free depth and elasticity which can promise less leaks and places.

two) Coating Industry: Its whiteness, smoothness and non- transparency can be well improved by introducing Kaolin to the pigment in the approach of coating paper and paper board.

three) Oil and Paint Sector:It can well boost the viscosity, fluidity, anti-precipitation and so on. The enamel glaze slip’ qualities of floatation, viscosity, adherence and thermal casting resistance can be nicely improved by incorporating Kaolin simply because it can make the solid enamel more adhesive to iron billet. Kaolin also plaEPTthe function of anti-precipitating when utilized in water paint. It is also a kind of good inorganic laEPT agent.

4) Rubber Sector: In the generation of cable rubber and plastics, kaolin can increase the abrasiveness, hardness, anti-shock and extension fee.

five) Plastic Industry: It plaEPTthe position of reinforcement with its very good dispersion. It also can end the infrared raEPTof wavelength from seven-14um in thick movie so as to boost the temperature in the drop.

six) Ceramics: It is extensively utilised in higher and low voltage ceramic, all varieties of ceramic billet and enamel It is also utilized in all kings of refractory.

seven) Cable Business: It can drastically improve the certain quantity resistance, dielectric toughness, retardant efficiency with its great dispersion and reinforcement.

Ceramic Kaolin Clay Powder Suppliers and Manufacturer

Ceramic Kaolin Clay Powder Suppliers and Manufacturer