Aluminum Oxide Powder 99.999%

Aluminum Oxide Powder  99.999%

Product Description

Substantial purity Aluminum OXiHu (West Lake) colon

alpha-Al2O3-5N 99 period999 percnt

Aluminium oXiHu (West Lake) is of high purity comma even particle distribution comma large hardness and excellent resistance to substantial temperature period

Application colon

Large purity aluminum oXiHu (West Lake) is primarily used in the growth of sapphire mono- and poly- crystal and YAG laser crystal period Aluminum oXiHu (West Lake) can also be employed in manufacturering translucent ceramics commafluorescent materials and as superior filler period

Aluminum oXiHu (West Lake) polycrystal is of higher density comma adn it can be utilized to increase sapphire monocrystal period

XiHu (West Lake) Dis.nju aposs aluminum oXiHu (West Lake) powder is identified as the very best selection for YAG crystal in China period

EPTrprise stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd colon Q sol7571740 periodJ039-2012

EPTurities Si Na Fe Ca Mg Ti Ni Cr Cu
PPM lparmax rpar 5 two three 1 one 1 one one two

Aluminum Oxide Powder  99.999%

Aluminum Oxide Powder  99.999%