Non Woven WallPaper use in hotel

Non Woven WallPaper  use in hotel

Non Woven WallPaper (330-350g/sqm 53cm*10m) use in hotel

Consumer benefit
1.Environmental health: 10 ring licensed goods.
2.Vogue development: all-natural and basic fashion.
three.Stylish decoration: younger to heat, other youth time.
The 2nd
Product advantage
one.Base paper: 130g non-woven paper, 160g non-woven coated paper.
2.Specialized positive aspects: ink printing and micro-foaming process.
three.Top quality decoration: non-woven paper, non-woven coated paper wallpaper, modern day layout, simple splendor.
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Merchandise features
1. modern simplicity.
two.Code/specification: LH/.525m*10m.
three.Completed solution g: one hundred forty/a hundred and seventy g /
four.Complex elements: ink printing and foaming ornament.
5.Relevant scope: shop decoration and home decoration, history wall 1st selection.
6.The visible impact: the brigEPT shade is in the blossom of the flower and the spread of the leaf presents contracted attractiveness, organic independence and comfortable feeling allow indoor launch the breath of youth.
7.Inside decoration:
Wallpaper collocation: in a home in choosing the identical sort of wallpaper collocation guidance can adhere a wall or stick, if choose 1 wall metope can select fastens with colour or other simple decorative wallpaper, such inside will not only be filled with normal ligEPT and freedom, the colour collocation also can permit indoor turn out to be modern and younger.
EPT add-ons: quotthe home full of romance quot model is largely for the up to date and contracted design, designers will bouquets and leaves is blended in among them, furniture collocation fastens with shade can be selected in the plain home furniture, also can decide on fairly bouncing vibrant-colored colour, and the total design of a lot more contemporary..

EPT picturce

Manufacturing facility:

Non Woven WallPaper  use in hotel

Non Woven WallPaper  use in hotel

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