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EP Catalogue Collections Introduction


Hot Selling Index: ★★★★★

This collection combines EP PVC wallpaper with different styles. The 3D effect for PVC Wallpaper is better than other materials. PVC wallpaper can make  a strong three-dimensional sense after embossed processing, which overcomes the defects of pure paper material and it can create a lot of special patterns that pure paper can not achieved, such as imitation wood, relief, imitation tiles and other effects. The pattern that PVC wallpapers create is lifelike and strongly three-dimensional. Quite suitable for home interior wall decoration.
This kind of PVC wallpaper has exquisite printing, good embossed texture.They are waterproof moisture-proof, durable, and easy maintenance. Our PVC wallpaper is the most commonly used, and widely used wallpaper as it can be widely applied to a variety of home and commercial places. Its types include ordinary PVC wallpaper and inhibit foaming wallpaper, engineering wallpaper and so on. The size for this collection wallpaper is 0.53*10m/roll.
Style: European,Modern,3D,Classic,Retro,Vintage,Kids etc.
Application Range: All household and commercial interior wall

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