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EP Catalogue Collections Introduction


Hot Selling Index: ★★★★★

This collection mainly includes EP high end wallpaper with unique technology like wet embossing, bronzing, and waterproof amber wallpaper styles.
Wet embossing is a latest embossing technology, a special printing paste passing through a professional machine, which can do print/coating/embossing together. Beautiful texture has been embossed according to the design when the printing paste was liquid, then through heating and solidify process, the embossing texture will be more nature.
Bronzing can be exactly said as heat transfer gold foil printing?±, it means the gold and silver foil with hot melt will be transferred to the patterns with adhesive by heating. Then the pattern will be formed with gold and silver foil effect under certain temperature and pressure.
Waterproof wallpaper is made of special amber material with embossed technology. It is called MSM wallpaper as well. The size can be customized.
Style: Modern , Unique, Fashion
Application Range: All interior and exterior wall & floor, bathroom, ceiling, kitchen etc.

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