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Ghana Customer



Warmly welcome our customer Godwin from Ghana to visit us HAMMERO! Godwin is as very talkative and kind business man. He runs decoration stores in Ghana and he wants to start wallpaper part now. Godwin stayed 2 days for viewing our sample catalogues and discussing about his container orders. He looked through nearly 50 books and wrote down every models he chose in his notebook,which shows he is also very serious and scrupulous person. On the second day, we discussed from 11am to 10pm, nearly mid night, after our negotiation, Godwin ordered 3000 rolls wallpaper as trial order to test his market and he paid the deposit 7500 DOLLAR in CASH! Thato is a big sum off money but he don’t hesitate to pay us at once. We had a late dinner together and treated him with Chinese food. EP will always be your reliable partner and friend to help you grow together!