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EP Catalogue Collections Introduction


Hot Selling Index: ★★★★★

Mica wallpaper and sandstone wallpaper is the symbol of EP new innovation and unique technology.Mica wallpaper is also called vermiculite Wallpaper. It is a kind of fireproof, heat-proof decorative material. Vermiculite particles is formed through high temperature sintering and sieving, finally dyeing processing on surface. Mica wallpaper is an excellent environment-friendly interior decoration materials, and the gloss surface creates its elegant and luxurious characteristics.

Sandstone wallpaper is a loanwords. Many products will use nature material as name to prove that their goods are valuable and eco-friendly. Nature sandstone the rock particle which was formed after years weathering. The sandstone here means a kind of colorful plastic particles which imitate the nature sandstone style.
Due to its natural characteristics created by the living space, it is the perfect combination of fashion and classical and it fully embodies the modern people's desire for green environmental protection.
Style: Modern, Fashion, Classic
Application Range: Household, Commercial, Administration, Entertainment

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