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EP Catalogue Collections Introduction


Hot Selling Index: ★★★★★

Recently, Italian design Korean wallpaper is more and more popular so for this collection, we display EP PVC 1.06m size wallpaper designs. Korean wallpaper with its noble, stylish, fresh and elegant personality style show a new artistic vision and bring customers a new concept of decoration. The specifications for this kind of Korean wallpaper are pretty special. The size 1.06*15.6m in the market is basically Korean paper. Its paper material is generally thicker and the color is better with more good-looking patterns.
Due to the big size and large specifications, it breaks the traditional 0.53m wide limitations, effectively reduce the wall of wallpaper seam and increase the effective use. For people who request high quality life, it is a good mental adjustment and enjoyment to use Korean wallpaper in your home!
Style: European, Pastoral, Classic, Italian
Application Range: Household, Commercial, Administration, Entertainment

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