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EP Catalogue Collections Introduction

Deep Emotion

Hot Selling Index: ★★★★★

This collection involves EP heavy embossed wallpaper. It is a kind of PVC wallpaper, belonging to the process-type wallpaper. which uses precision sleeve embossing process and gets rid of the ordinary PVC wallpaper plastic texture. It is soft as cloth texture, accurate and perfect overprinting effect, soft color, giving the wall smart vitality. Deep embossed wallpaper display a good water resistance, scratch-resistant performance and stain resistance. It can provide users with long-term decorative space, but also reduce the management difficult for room environment. However, its air permeability is not ideal, which puts forward a higher requirement for the process of pasting wallpaper.
With its relief-like lifelike texture, exquisite printing, fine embossing, rigorous workmanship, deep embossed wallpaper win more and more user recognition from customers.
Style: European, Pastoral, Classic, Chinese
Application Range: Luxury hotel, Hotel rooms, Household, Villa and other decorative projects.

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