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EP Catalogue Collections Introduction


Hot Selling Index: ★★★★★

This collection is EP peel and stick wall sticker catalogue. The material of the sticker wallpaper is PVC material. It is self-adhesive with simple pasting way so you can easily handle. It is not only concise, convenient and casual ,but also has intuitive decorative effect, thus, it is very suitable for modern families, but also recommended for shop wall decoration. Using wall sticker tot only highlight the life of the host and give a new life to home,, but also lead the new home decoration trend. Lazy people will love it in such a fast rhythm of life. Compared to hire a decoration team to design a higher cost of decorative wall, it is really convenient, practical and affordable.
if dirty, wipe with a damp towel. If you are not satisfied with your wall stickers or you look them tired and want to change other patterns or new living environment, you can tear the stickers down according to the right method.
Style: Modern , 3D, Simple, Mediterranean
Application Range: Wall, Table/Desk, Tile, Glass etc.

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